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Who is your Soulmate?

Who is your Soulmate?

The first lifetime I regressed to will remain my most favourite memory. It’s made me the person I am today. It’s a lifetime that has had a deep impact on me. It has redefined my life purpose and soul journey in this lifetime. We usually go to the most traumatic event in a particular lifetime or a lifetime that has had the maximum impact on the psyche of the soul.

I am standing outside an Egyptian Temple, on a beach. I’m looking out at the ocean. The ocean speaks to me. The waves give me messages from the Universe. I look at birds flying above me in the clear blue sky. They give me messages. The sand beneath my bare feet speak to me.

I looked strikingly similar to how I look in this lifetime. My thick, long dark hair, big curls cascading around me, framing my face. Large, dark, expressive eyes and full lips. I’m wearing a long, flowing maroon colour robe or gown. In this lifetime Maroon is one of my favorite colours.

I am tall and slender. I have long hands which I wave in the air and get messages from the Universe, almost like an antenna and in this lifetime too I wave my long hands a lot when I talk to people. I can sense things with my fingers. It’s almost like I can ‘see’ with my hands.

I heal people with my long fingers. I’m deeply psychic & intuitive. I tilt my head towards the blue sky, I look at the sun, moon and stars. I get messages from all of them. In my current life too I stare at the sky for hours; watching birds fly and clouds going by, watching the sun go down and the moon come up. My tall, slender body, long thin hands and fingers are startlingly similar to that lifetime.

People travel for weeks and months from far off lands to meet me. Sick people, dying people come to me. I am able to miraculously heal people with my hands. I touch dead people with my fingers & they wake up. It sounds incredulous but there was far more power and knowledge in the world thousands of years ago than there is now and despite all our advancements in science and technology we are unable to build pyramids.

Dr. Brian Weiss has written about patients who have performed medical & scientific procedures thousands of years ago in past lives which isn’t possible today. They used gold rods to heal & regenerate body parts, they could grow limbs and in India they could transfer Prana or life from one body to another.

Everyday people would come and ask me to give them messages from the Universe. They wanted to know about the future. Everyone wanted to know what was going to happen in their life.

All day I met people outside the temple and when I retreated inside the temple there was an old lady. She was my teacher, my power. She taught me everything that I knew.

In this lifetime this lady was my grandmother. I’m gutted I never recognized that she was my soul companion. Amma adored me and when I was a child she would stare at me for hours. I was always her favorite. She cooked what I liked, she did everything that pleased me and her life revolved around me whenever I met her.

Even if our conscious mind dosen’t recognize a soul connection, the heart always knows. Her arms have held me in that temple in Egypt & in other lifetimes. She has loved me, nurtured me & nourished me in other lifetimes. As Paulo Coelho said “important encounters are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other.”

I’m inconsolable when I think of all the time I spent with her and not once did I recognize that she is my soul mate. I didn’t get to acknowledge all that she has done for me through these lifetimes.

There are no accidental meetings between souls. You will always get to meet your soul mates or soul companions and that is written in your destiny. Your meeting is predestined but what you do when you meet them is free will and your choice. Many soulmates come together again & again, life after life and when you find and recognize your soul mates, that will be the most important moment in your lifetime.

My grandmother has passed but she is always on my right shoulder. She hasn’t left me. She’s always with me, holding my hand in difficult times & celebrating with me in happy times. She protects me and keeps me safe. We must recognise our soul companions, soul family and soul mates if we are to achieve our full potential in a lifetime. Amma is one of my most enduring soulmate’s across several lifetimes.

My life changed dramatically after this regression. I have spent the past 10 years seeking, learning healing techniques and ancient powers forgotten by the modern world. If I could do it thousands of years ago, I can do it today. My cells know, my sub conscious mind knows but I don’t know, my conscious mind dosen’t know.

I have studied and trained under the best animal communicators in America. My communication with animals flows naturally. Once I learnt the methods & techniques animals flooded me with priceless information. I discovered a deep soul connection with animals.

I saw myself scanning the body and healing the diseased part by placing my hands on the body, this is called reiki today. I was also healing by keeping my hands above the body, this is called Pranic Healing today. I could also scan and heal with my mind, I would direct energy to body parts that needed healing. My teachers tell me that I’m an excellent scanner and healing with my mind is one of my strongest healing techniques. All my healing teachers ask me if I have done the course earlier. They are amazed at how quickly I learn healing techniques and I am able to channel Divine Energy like an ancient sage. I tell them I have learnt and practiced this and more, just not in this lifetime.


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