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Ben is 10 years old but still the fastest dog at Worli Sea Face. Several times a day he runs up and down the entire length of the promenade, with his human jogger friends. He easily does about 10 km a day and he isn’t a young dog. One of the joggers asked me “how does he run so fast and so much? He has only 3 legs”

Ben dosen’t know that he is supposed to run less or run slower because he has 3 legs. Nobody told him he is handicapped. It is our mind that limits us. Our words and beliefs are our reality

If you’re always talking about how unlucky you are, you will always be unlucky. If you say you are not happy then you won’t be happy. If you say it’s difficult for you to lose weight, it will always be difficult. Whatever you believe is your potential will be your potential.

17 seconds of pure thought is the ignition point of manifesting. If you hold a thought for 17 seconds, you set in motion manifestation and if you focus on that thought for 68 seconds that desire becomes even stronger “- Abraham Hicks

Whatever you focus on is where your energy goes and action follows energy. Think of all the negative things you say all day, we are feeding all that’s going wrong in our lives with pure, potent energy. No wonder it snowballs into everything going wrong in our lives. We are always thinking about what we don’t have and that keeps increasing.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer? The rich are always thinking about what they have and the poor are always thinking about what they don’t have, as a result what they have increases and what they don’t have also increases. People with problems are thinking about their problems all day, with so much thought and energy focused on the problems, they will only increase.

Your subconscious is listening to every word you utter, every thought, every vibration and that is what will manifest in your physical world.

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics” – Albert Einstein

We are all co-creators of the Universe. Our collective consciousness which is our beliefs, attitudes and ideas shapes our future. If we have the power to co-create the Universe why don’t we believe that we can create our destiny?

It isn’t just ‘Om’ that has vibration, all words have vibration and sound and they create our reality. Without words, a thought can never become a reality. Words are like seeds, you sow seeds of a tree whose fruit you want to savour. If you want oranges you can’t sow apple seeds.

“Your beliefs become your thoughts.  Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny.”- Mahatma Gandhi

Sometimes we believe we can achieve a particular goal but we are not able to see it through. The reason is Shadow beliefs are holding us back, A “Shadow Belief” is an unconscious belief that influences our entire lives, tells us what we can and can not do, and drives our behaviour subconsciously

Our subconscious mind is 97%, it is a tower emitting frequency and our conscious mind is a radio that receives the transmission, we have to tune our radio(conscious mind) to receive messages from the tower(subconscious mind).

The subconscious programming of an individual starts in their third trimester until age 7. Soul descends into the foetus in the 7th month which is when they have a baby shower, Godh Barai or Seemantham to welcome the soul. So ‘you’ become you in the 7th month.

During a womb regression session (Womb Regression is similar to Past Life Regression) I saw the way I was, all that my mother felt emotionally and all that she did. My entire life has been exactly the way I was in-utero. That is what it’s imperative that a pregnant woman is happy, talks and sings to the baby, feels love and joy. The last 3 months in the womb shapes the entire life of an individual. In-utero stress and trauma remain deeply programmed in the psyche of an individual.

How do you know what your subconscious programming is from 7 months to 7 years?  Whatever comes naturally to you is your subconscious programming. Whatever is challenging, difficult and dosen’t flow naturally is not your subconscious programming.

During my formative years I moved from school to school, home to home. Moving is very easy for me. I never had a home, I still don’t. I have lived my entire life out of bags and suitcases. Everything I own can be packed up and moved in a day. I am commitment phobic, I will not be anchored. I can live anywhere in the world and make it my ‘home’. Forming close friendships overnight comes naturally to me. This comes from my childhood. Different schools, different friends, different languages. I adapt to people, cultures, food and situations instantaneously. Languages are easy for me, I speak 10 languages. Wherever I am is ‘home’, so I’m never homesick.

Can you imagine packing everything you own and moving overnight to a country where you don’t know anyone, start a new life? People find it daunting and intimidating, I find it natural and normal. In fact I think it’s dull and boring to live in the same place for an entire lifetime and have the same friends. I constantly crave change and new stimuli. 

Despite my gregarious, outgoing, sociable personality I’m very alone. My mother cried a lot, she was alone and lonely, it was a very difficult time for her because she was extremely anxious that I should not be a baby girl. She couldn’t abort because of a medical condition. Her future was hinged precariously on whether I would be a girl or boy. In-utero I was very alone, lonely, unloved and unwanted. This subconscious programming was so deep I have lived with these feelings my entire life. For the past several years I have been trying to change my programming.

How can you reprogram your subconscious programming?

Repetition- that is the only way you can reprogram your subconscious programming. First you write down all that you want to be and achieve, your goals. You need to physically write it, with pen and paper, not on your phone. There is a powerful connection between the mind and brain when you write by hand. As you’re writing it feel it, visualise it vividly. The magic ingredient here is ‘detail’. Your visualisation has to include weather, smell, touch, feeling, emotions, as many details as possible.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” – Albert Einstein 

Now read your goals everyday, as you’re reading it visualise it. Paint a picture, then breathe life into that picture. Think of yourself as a movie director who takes a script and creates a movie out of it. Every little detail in the movie is visualised by him when he reads the script, that is how he is able to create every scene in a movie. A bus stop in the background, junior artists, trees, cars, street hawkers, everything has to be thought of as a real movie.

My personal experience has been that goals more than 10% ahead of your current life will not manifest. There is a scientific reason for this-your cellular vibrations and frequency cannot go from 0-10,000. Manifestation techniques fail because people are not able to change their thought, belief and frequency to match the goals they desire. It’s good to have a wild ambition but every journey begins with a single step. First manifest your foundation, then build from there, brick by brick.

A friend complained to me that my manifestation techniques don’t work. I asked him to read his goals. After a few lines I asked him what’s the colour of your shirt? He was nonplussed, he said “I don’t know, I haven’t thought about it”. His goals were vague, he was not passionately living, feeling, breathing them. There was no energy in his thought, no belief. There was no chance it would manifest. It has to be so real that you can feel it, touch it and your body experiences the same sensations as if you already have it. If you want to go to Paris for Christmas you have to literally feel the cold wind on your nose and ears as you step off the aircraft. Your feet have to feel the way they feel trudging through the snow.

Once you have made this list read it everyday, several times a day. Again & again. Repetition is key! Then ask yourself have you done absolutely everything in your power to achieve it, everything physically, mentally and humanly possible, have you been relentless?

My favourite time to think about my goals is when I’m in bed drifting off to sleep and as soon as I wake up. My last and first thoughts are of my goals. Einstein and Thomas Edison solved their problems during this time. This is the origin of the phrase ‘let’s sleep over it”. Theta brain waves at 4-7 Hz, are brain frequencies of the barely conscious states just before sleeping and just after awakening. Theta is the bridge between conscious and subconscious worlds. “Early morning dreams come true” is not an old wives tale. Early morning you’re in a theta state. Your subconscious is telling your conscious mind what is going to happen.

You can be anything you want, if you BELIEVE-consciously and subconsciously.


Thank you Vinod Menon for all the support, wisdom and valuable feedback.