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Soul Connections Across Planets and Lifetimes

Soul Connections Across Planets and Lifetimes
Animal communication

I am walking down a sand dune, up and down sand dunes. It is a beautiful, sunny day. Golden brown sand & clear blue sky. Clean, crisp air. The area is around the Red Sea. This is my first birth on Planet Earth. Before this I was in another galaxy.

I look down at my feet and see hooves. I’m dark bay in colour(dark brown). I have a white star on my forehead. My mane is long, dark, thick and gorgeous, I toss it from side to side. In my current lifetime I toss my long dark hair at least a 100 times a day. I keep tossing it, this side and then that side and back again.

I am being led by a man. He has followed me here from another galaxy. There is a deep love between us, it’s not an ‘I love you’ love, it’s not something you can speak about. Words are too frivolous to describe this deep bond. This is his first birth on planet Earth too. I have asked myself several times why I would choose to be born on Earth as an animal & he as a man. We have both come from the same place. The soul always chooses a body most suited to fulfilling its life purpose. What was my life purpose? Why did we come to Earth, does he have a life purpose to fulfill too or did he just follow me here? What are we here to accomplish? I have many questions but no answers. That’s why I’m always seeking.

This man has dark hair and the most piercing dark eyes. They are so deep and dark they are almost black. A soul has no sex so today he could be a man or a woman but his energy is extremely masculine so even if he is a woman he will be like Joan of Arc, not a sweet girl next door. He has a thick build, not a buff body but a dense, muscular body.

What’s interesting to note is that he is never on my back. A horse used to be a mode of transportation but he always walked beside me. His right hand leading me. I was a stunning horse. I have been around horses since I was a child and I haven’t seen a better looking horse. He had movie star looks, a striking personality & eyes that bore through you. When we walked through the marketplace everyone turned and looked at us. We were like the ‘it couple’. He was very proud of me. It was almost as if he was showing me off to people. There was a deep bond between us. We spent every moment of this lifetime together.

Seeing myself as this horse has given me a deep sense of knowing about my current life. I adore dark bay horses with a star on their forehead. They make my heart smile. I have had horses of other colours but when I see a dark bay horse with a star there is an immediate tug at my heart strings. My eyes light up, it’s an indescribable feeling deep inside me. As they say the heart always knows even if the mind dosen’t.

There was a time when I was competing, I would ride for 5 hours a day – 3 hours in the morning & 2 in the evening, followed by a few hours in the stables. Those were the happiest years of my life. There were days when I had bleeding saddle sores but was overjoyed. I didn’t have a care in the world. When I was bone tired I would fall asleep on bales of hay. The smell of horses was so comforting for me. The sound of their nuzzle in the nape of my neck. Horses were my best friends, my family, my love, my world. They completed me, they made me whole. They healed me in a way nothing or no one else could.

The perfect example of intuition is a horse. Being a prey animal, intuition is in their DNA. Their survival depends on their intuition. I have always been extremely intuitive, it’s almost like I can smell people. Since I was 10 or 12 I would see a person and ‘know’. Horses are extremely observant creatures. I have always observed people keenly and thought to myself “can I trust them, will they hurt me, are they good people”. These would be a horses exact same thoughts.

Body language tells you more about a person than what they say. A horse is like a large antenna. In this blog (https://theindigoworld.com/who-is-your-soulmate/ ) I wrote about how I would wave my hands in the air like an antenna, tilt my head towards the sky & move it from side to side & get messages from the Universe. A lot of my mannerisms in that lifetime in Egypt and my current lifetime are extremely horse like.

Horses always want and need a strong, confident leader. In this particular lifetime I was extremely happy & content being led by this man & that’s how I think now. I always want to be led but men don’t dare hold my hand or think of leading me around because I’m fiercely independent, a bully most of the time and I have an extremely intimidating presence.

Horses can sense the mood of a rider approaching them; likewise when a person is walking towards me I can tell a lot about them. I am able to sense & feel the person. Just like all horses I love walking and nod my head a lot. Another remarkable horse trait is the way I would always go up behind my mother & gently nudge her with my nose. It’s all so very horse like.

I think of this soul often. Have I met him and not recognised him or have I not met him as yet? I know I will meet him in this lifetime, soulmate’s always meet, that is pre destined but what we do once we meet is free will.
You reincarnate in the same soul groups because you have to neutralise your karmic debt with one another. We are meant to be whole, not fragmented. You cannot achieve your full potential unless you are with your soul companions. My grandmother did teach me my most precious life lessons. When I have to make an important decision I always ask myself what she would do.

After this regression I scanned the eyes of every person I met – man, woman, child, senior. I know I will recognise those intense deep dark eyes. Maybe they are a different colour now. I don’t know what sex he is or nationality or race. Unlikely, but maybe I have already met him & not recognised him. Just the thought forms a knot in the pit of my stomach. Is this going to be a repeat of my grandmothers story? (Link to this blog enclosed above)

I find it hard to believe that I haven’t met a soul that had such a deep bond with me that he followed me here from another galaxy, we spent every moment of an entire lifetime together. Whether this soul is a man or a woman I know he will nurture & nourish me, lead me forward & always be very proud of me. This soul has a certain protective energy which people of today don’t have. There are certain core energies attached to a soul, it’s part of their cellular structure & dosen’t change irrespective of who or what they are reborn as.

This soul will impact my life deeply, my life will never be the same again. He found me once, why hasn’t he found me now? Where is this powerhouse? Where is this soul?