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One Soul, Many Lives

One Soul, Many Lives
Spiritual Soul

Ancient India, A Palace, A Maharajah and ‘Him’.

Hundreds of years ago in India; women from the royal family watched court proceedings, festivals and everyday life from behind walls with latticework. The women could look out but nobody could see them.

I loved to watch court proceedings and look at my handsome father siting on his throne, listening to people’s problems. How I wished I was sitting in court, partaking in my father’s decisions. He was always kind and just. I know this because people would come in looking defeated and miserable and they would leave with a smile and a spring in their step. It’s always in my sub conscious to do the right thing. This PLR session has given me a deep sense of knowing where a lot of my thoughts come from. It’s very important to me to be honourable and kind. I always say “Work hard, Play fair, Be kind”

The only time my fathers eyes lit up were when ‘He’ entered the court. He wasn’t a Prince because he didn’t have an entourage but he was respected and revered. Maybe he was an accomplished warrior. Everyone bowed to him. He was the same soul that had followed me here from another planet. I was riveted to his every move, every breath he took, every step, every twitch. When he entered Court time stood still. Those moments were suspended in time.

We were not together in this lifetime. Did he know of my existence, that I waited for him and watched him from behind the lattice walls? In this lifetime I looked very similar to how I look in my current lifetime and in the lifetime when I was a healer in Egypt  https://theindigoworld.com/who-is-your-soulmate/  I had the same dark, long, curly hair. I had a remarkably similar body and face.

He looked very similar to the lifetime we were together in ancient Egypt https://theindigoworld.com/soul-connections-across-planets-and-lifetimes/  he was tall, the same dark hair and intense dark eyes. The same thick muscular body. Soulmates often reincarnate in similar physical forms, so its easier to recognise each other.

I know now that this was the same soul who was with me in ancient Egypt. A soul that was proud of me, extremely protective and possessive. Had we met, our relationship would have been exactly the same as it was thousands of years ago when I was a horse and he was a man.

Being with your soulmates is not about love, it’s about fulfilling your life purpose. Our soul chooses a life purpose and we incarnate with all the tools we need to fulfill that life purpose. The tools are sent to us at specific times of our lives. It’s important that we be aware and recognise our soulmates. I’m gutted that I did not recognise my soulmate and that we weren’t together in this lifetime. I don’t know what he looks like now but I know him, Like I have known him for eternity. Words can’t describe the feeling of waiting for someone who may or may not exist, loving a soul that I don’t know if I have already met and not recognized him or her.

Soul families travel together, a soul companion is not necessarily your spouse, they can also be your parents or a close business associate. In every lifetime we incarnate with several soulmates. We marry the one that is here to teach us or learn specific lessons from us or soul development. Sometimes the role of a soulmate is to be with us for a certain period of time then watch over us like a guardian angel; like in the case of my grandmother.

This could be the case with couples who live in for a short period of time or spouses who pass shortly after marriage. The souls have met as per their prior arrangement, fulfilled their agenda for this life and moved on. Sometimes soulmates meet later in life, they needed to learn separate life lessons before uniting. Soulmates do not necessarily spend an entire lifetime together.

A soul may not recognise the instant ‘chemistry’ or deep bond created over many lifetimes. I didn’t recognise or acknowledge the instant attraction when I saw ‘Him’ in court. It is rare to find such a deep level of soul recognition and attraction with a soul unless we have been bonded across lifetimes. We will meet only one or two romantic soulmates in each lifetime. Meeting your soulmates is destiny. You will meet in every lifetime but after you meet what decisions you make is free will.

Souls always connect at the perfect time and place to fulfill an emotional, physical, mental or spiritual task or karmic bond. We are never connected to anyone just by chance, there is always a higher lesson, a deeper message from the universe.

Every time I think of this soulmate I whisper softly. “From the moment we meet, promise me, you won’t ever let me go”. Before Souls incarnate they promise to meet at a certain time and date. A meeting is never a coincidence, it’s synchronicity.

An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break. From the day we are born we are walking towards our soulmates.