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Quantum Entanglement

Quantum Entanglement
Quantum Entanglement

“Quantum Physics provides a modern version of ancient spirituality. In a universe where everything is made of energy, everything is entangled, everything is one” – Dr. Bruce Lipton

Why do we keep reincarnating in the same soul groups? How do we find our soulmate’s and soul companions in every lifetime – the people we are meant to live, love and work with. The image of Quantum Entanglement looks like yin and yang, they seem like opposite forces that are interconnected and interdependent, they are incomplete without each other.

Quantum entanglement says two objects that interact become inextricably connected. If you move one the other senses it and responds. Any separation over lifetimes is only an illusion. Quantum Entanglement proves that instantaneous hidden connections occur between spatially and temporally separated particles, objects and energies.

Life, at its core, is a quantum process. Recent experiments have proved that quantum coherence, quantum entanglement and quantum computation exist in our DNA. The connection between living beings and the universe, between Conscious minds and unconscious processes are quantum entangled.

When you meet someone and feel drawn to them and feel you know them from somewhere, you have met them before, in another lifetime. The particles in you have danced with their particles. Your particles have spent eternity chasing their particles. Quantum particles are entangled not only through space but also through time

Tiny subatomic particles like electrons and photons get entangled with each other over lifetimes and across geographical distances. When you can’t take your eyes off one particular person in a crowded public space or you’re randomly browsing the web, see someone’s photograph and are instantly drawn to that person. Subatomic particles get entangled even if they are light years apart or on opposite sides of the Universe.

Quantum is the smallest, tiniest fundamental unit of energy and matter. According to Quantum Mechanics when two particles interact, vibrate in unison and are separated, they remain connected by something that defies logic, something science hasn’t been able to explain. If one particle vibrates, the other particle, even if it’s halfway across the world, vibrates in unison. This is called Quantum Entanglement.

In the quantum world there is Quantum Superposition where particles exist in multiple locations or states, Quantum Entanglement where particles separate but still remain mysteriously connected, Einstein called it ‘spooky action at a distance’. And Quantum Coherence where multiple particles condense to one unified state.

Warm temperature quantum vibrations in microtubules in neurons generate EEG or brain waves. When we die, quanta that once generated electrochemical activity in the neocortex, somehow gets dispersed throughout space-time. These particles are then linked by quantum entanglement. This phenomenon can preserve information indefinitely, outside of a physical body

In my past life regression sessions I keep seeing the same souls. Hindus call it Karma or reincarnation, I would say it is Quantum Entanglement. When my healthy father suddenly passed I was on a phone call. At the precise moment he crossed over I felt like I had been stabbed in my heart. I was gasping for breath, coughing and clutching my chest I collapsed in a heap on the floor. Everyone thought I was having a heart attack. It was my father who had the heart attack but my heart felt it in another city. How is that possible?

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she was also my first successful PLR session and one that has maximum impact on my psyche. What is the explanation for my other deep connection with a soul that follows me from one galaxy to the next?
Is it just reincarnation or Quantum Entanglement?