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Death is a Beautiful Experience

Death is a Beautiful Experience
Higher Consciousness

I welcome, embrace and celebrate death. She has taught me my best lessons. Death is not a loss. I have always gained from death, never lost anyone or anything to it. Death is a better teacher than life, yet we fight her, fear her and want her to stay away. Death happens to an experience of your soul, not to YOU.

Sheila was a dear friend, one day when I was stepping out of her house I felt a soul stepping out of the door with me. It was the most powerful and indescribable feeling. It was so clear, almost tangible. I could literally see the light exiting the door. It was almost as if I could hear a ‘whooooosh’ of swirling energy. For several days I kept going back to that moment & I was certain of it. A soul was going to leave her house. I didn’t know if I should tell her. I wasn’t sure how she would receive the information.

Finally I told her. She was devastated and heartbroken because she loved everyone at home dearly and couldn’t bear losing anyone. She asked me who would die and I said a Soul dosen’t have a name, face, sex, religion or anything. It is just divine, pure energy. I explained to her “It could be Sam(one of her dogs) or your maid or even a guest who comes to stay in your house”

We both forgot about this conversation. After a few months her other dog James got an acute attack of pancreatitis, he was gravely ill. She had probably forgotten about our conversation of a soul leaving her house or she didn’t believe me. She spent months with her dog in hospital. I could see that the soul wanted to leave so I gently suggested that she tell James that he could go if he wanted and she would be fine if he left.

Many souls have trouble crossing over because people are holding them back. Sheila wouldn’t hear of it. She said James would pull through and booked several healing sessions with me. She was consumed with getting him better. Her routine had become – wake up in the morning, travel 1 hour+ to the vet, sit with him for hours whilst he got his IV and medication, travel 1 hour+ back home, cook a special diet for James and feed him, then feed the other dog Sam, walk them, eat her lunch, a short nap(with one eye open, watching James like a hawk) and then back to the vet in the evening. The traffic and 4-5 hours of daily commute were taking its toll on her health. She was bone tired.

At night there was no rest. She would sleep on the floor next to James, actually barely sleep is more accurate. Sheila was petrified James would vomit in his sleep and it would aspirate into his lungs. She would stare at him all night. The moment he regurgitated in his sleep she would pick him up and make him stand so he wouldn’t choke on his vomit. She had become a shadow of her former self, gaunt with deep, dark circles under her eyes. She was clinging onto James tightly and simply refused to let him cross the rainbow bridge. Eventually James recovered.

Why do we fear death when there is actually no birth or death, only arrival and departure, from one form to the next. The soul is just changing its clothes. Are you grief stricken every time someone in your family changes their clothes? John Lennon said “I’m not afraid of death because I don’t believe in it. It’s just getting out of one car and into another.”

Every soul has a journey and when you interfere you are creating an unnecessary karmic debt. I knew Sheila was interfering with a souls natural evolution. She had taken on a debt that would have to be repaid. My mind went back to that day when I felt the ‘whoosh’ of a soul stepping out of her door with me. I went to her home several times after that day but didn’t feel or sense anything.

A few months later Sheila called & said she had a daughter. She proudly showed off her puppy. On her regular morning run she had found Ariana lying in the bushes with a grossly bloated stomach, a mauled eye & patches of skin torn off her tiny body.

In a matter of days she grew very close to Ariana, she was besotted with her. She loved her infinitely more than her other two dogs-Sam and James. There was an indescribable intensity to their love. Ariana was always sick. She needed several trips to the vet & constant medication all day. Sheila spent every waking and sleeping moment with Ariana. The two of them were inseparable. Ariana had become the daughter that Sheila always wanted.

7 weeks later Ariana suddenly dropped dead. She had come to repay the debt Sheila had created by not allowing a soul to leave her home. Sheila was devastated and inconsolable. It was like a dagger had pierced her heart. She was grief stricken and wept and sobbed and wept and sobbed. She was shattered into a million pieces and said she would never ever recover, a piece of her had died with Ariana.

A soul is Pure Energy and Energy cannot die. Einstein has explained Energy beautifully. He said “energy cannot be created or destroyed. It can only change form. We are made of energy and when we die, the energy of our consciousness dosen’t cease to exist. It merely changes form.” Spirituality and Science are actually the same. Quantum Physics is now validating several spiritual teachings.

I spoke to Ariana and she said she would be back in Sheila’s life, in a different body. She had come only to neutralise Sheila’s Karma. A body is like a jacket. Every time our clothes get dirty and we have no use for these clothes we change them. We are happy when we change our clothes, likewise when a soul decides to change its clothes(body) we must celebrate and feel happy.

When the soul of one of my loved ones is departing there are a few things that I do – I always thank the soul for coming into my life and for all the important life lessons they taught me. I then ask the soul to come back into my life & allow me the opportunity to serve them again; ask for their forgiveness if I have knowingly or unknowingly done anything to hurt them. I celebrate their life and times and say goodbye with joy and happiness in my heart and a smile on my face.

A soul will exit its body only if it’s learnt all the lessons it needed to learn and it has accomplished everything that it incarnated for. When we finish a project we leave the office happy. When a soul has finished it’s business it leaves its body. This is wonderful because it means the soul is evolving. The soul is one step closer to higher consciousness. A soul departing is a cause for celebration, not mourning. Death is what gives life meaning. To know your days are numbered and your time is short. Many souls linger because we don’t let them go. Why do so many of us fear death when in fact it is beautiful, it’s the beginning not the end. Death is a date with eternity.