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Past Life Regression – Power of your Past

Past Life Regression – Power of your Past

PLR has dramatically changed my life. It has had a profound effect on my life & when you read about them something in you will shift. I have always believed in the power of the written word – it has saved lives, shared powerful ideas, awakened memories, and so much more.

My friend Raja had been suffering from anxiety/ panic attacks for years. He went for and in every lifetime that he regressed to he saw that he had been brutally murdered. He had lived his entire life in fear & ultimately his deepest darkest fears had come true, he was killed in horrific ways. All our memories of all our past lives are stored in our sub conscious. Everything that has ever happened to us in any lifetime is stored at a cellular level. Our cells remember, our subconscious mind knows. It’s only our conscious mind that dosen’t remember.

Raja came to terms with his past lives. He was safe now & nobody was going to kill him in this lifetime. He knew now why he was always anxious. He could finally relax. At the time of writing this blog I called Raja to ask if I could write about his experience. He said I must share it with the world. It’s been 5 years & he hasn’t had a single panic attack, he isn’t anxious, restless or breathless anymore.

Cathartic memories help to heal traumatic imprints which are deeply imbedded in our sub conscious & they affect our current lives in ways we cannot comprehend. Our past life memories can teach us about our life patterns, relationships, and our lessons. More clarity helps us make healthier choices and create a better future self.

Many of our fears are based in the past. What we fear the most is probably something that has happened to us in a previous lifetime. The sub conscious mind is apprehensive that it will happen again. The key to healing trauma in our current life lies in a past life.

A common question many people have is – How do you know if you actually regressed or it was a fantasy or you just imagined it? Whatever past life you regress to it has to have a deep relevance to your present life. The people you see have to fit in your current life. We usually reincarnate in the same soul groups. The events that you see, feel & experience, people you see, will somehow connect with your current life.

PLR can transform your life. It can also scar you, damage you & destroy your psyche forever. The PLR therapist is extremely important. The teacher is as important as the teachings. A bad teacher giving you powerful ancient teachings is akin to drinking Himalayan spring water from a dirty bottle. How you drink the pure Himalayan spring water is as important as the water, if not more important. Then what you do with the information/ teachings is your journey.

There are a few things you should remember before you embark on your new journey. I learnt these lessons the hard way. I didn’t have anyone to guide me. Not all my experiences were pleasant but I wish for you that you only experience what will nurture & nourish you. Things that will help you evolve into your best self.

Don’t try PLR when you are too young. I had been trying to regress since I was about 20. I didn’t regress because I wasn’t ready to process the information. The first time I successfully regressed with a qualified & experienced international PLR therapist was when I was about 30. Even that is too young. My therapist expertly guided me to the very lifetime which showed me the very origin of ME. If I had regressed to the wrong lifetime & seen events that I shouldn’t be revisiting I would have been scarred for life.

A friend Leela who wants nothing more than to have a baby always tells me that she will never ever have a baby. She had done PLR & the therapist told her that in another lifetime she was running from a group of men, holding a baby. The baby started crying so she buried the baby in the forest & was hiding nearby. After the men left she dug up her baby but he had died. The therapist told her that God would punish her in all her subsequent lifetimes by not giving her a baby.

 Leela keeps saying “I killed my baby so God is punishing me by not giving me a baby”. Energy follows Thought & Action follows Thought so whatever you thoughts are is what your energy vibrations will be & ultimately that manifests into physical action. If a woman dosen’t believe she will have a baby then there is no science that can give her a baby. A qualified PLR therapist would never scar a woman for life by taking her to a wrong lifetime & narrating a wrong incident to her. PLR has to heal you, it has the answers to all your questions in this lifetime. We are a sum total of all our experiences in all our past lifetimes.

Everyone is NOT a candidate for PLR. Sometimes we are just not meant to regress and access our deep memories. We are not ready to confront certain situations & heal. A good therapist can easily determine this. A psychiatrist or psychologist who has specialized in PLR can check your eyes & tell you exactly what level of hypnosis you can reach in your session. This has also been confirmed by Dr. Brian Weiss, the doyen of PLR in his books.

Another important point to remember is that a good PLR therapist does not ‘lead’ you & definitely dosen’t narrate your past life like in Leela’s case. They allow you to experience it for yourself. They take you back in time & empower you to see, feel & sense your life, your journey, your experiences with your soul companions. They don’t see it for you. Wikipedia says PLR is a series of questions asked by a therapist to lead you back in time. This is partially incorrect. PLR is NOT an interactive Q & A.

 There is a video of Dr. Brian Weiss on YouTube where you can see the process. I haven’t been able to regress by watching YouTube videos. The good therapists have a disclaimer in the beginning which say you should try it only if you have had at least one successful regression in person. Having had over a dozen successful PLR sessions in person with very good internationally renowned PLR therapists I haven’t been able to regress with these YouTube videos.

Past Life regression is so powerful because it explores the karmic influence of past life experiences on your current life. We are connected to all our lifetimes that we have lived and will live – past and future. They are a part of our path, our nature and our heritage.

I practice EFT to heal my past life trauma. I keep tapping myself at specific points on my body and keep repeating to myself “I release and heal any old buried pain from all my bodies, now and forever. In all dimensions of time and space. The past, present and future.