2020 is the Golden Age of Transformation with higher frequencies of Light. Powerful cosmic energies have created a new earth for humanity and mankind with higher levels of Consciousness. You are purging an old era and at the dawn of a new era, you will let go of old relationships, that no longer serve you or align with the Conscious Shift of this Age.

The world is at a critical juncture in human history, pain and trauma of these unprecedented tragedies and challenges around the world is a catalyst for personal and spiritual growth. 2020 energies will make you mindful of what you put into your Body – Spiritually, Emotionally & Physically. What you watch, listen to, read, and those whom you associate with are all contributors to the new era that will be birthed.

Cellular memories of 144,000 light workers are genetically programmed and timed to awaken them from their mental and spiritual hibernation to transform Earth. Their divine purpose is to save the planet by healing and awakening humanity. Light workers vibrate at a higher energy level that enables them to be positive and support others through their struggles.

A lightworker is an advanced incarnated Starseed from a more advanced planet or advanced souls from Earth, whose life purpose is to transmute darkness into the light. These kind, hyper-sensitive, compassionate souls are the ones who rescued stray animals as children, shared their lunch and pocket money with less fortunate friends.

The awakening of 144,000 Lightworkers and Lightwarriors was prophesied in Book of Revelations, Esmeralda tablets, Ashtar Command, Sananda, Native Americans and many others. A great call was sent to lightworkers in all the universes to incarnate on Earth to guide this planet through the process of Ascension. They are one of the mysterious groups mentioned in the Bible too.

If you are reading this you are most likely a light worker or someone you know is a light worker and needs to be ‘awakened’ and you are the catalyst or messenger. You’re meant to shine as bright as you can. Nobody can limit your inner light and greatness.

You have to anchor more light in all your bodies – Astral, Causal, Mental, Etheric and Soul; if you want to heal at mental, spiritual, physical and emotional levels. You have to hold a space of healing and love for people, to allow their divine timeline to unfold.

A new planetary cycle started in December 2012 but energies had started shifting on December 21st, 2010 and this is the time when I was ‘awakened’. I went alone to Rishikesh for Christmas holidays, sat on the rocks for hours watching the Ganges flowing past me, ate Satvic food, attended Ganga Arthi at sunset. I spoke very little, walked a lot – feeding stray cows, absorbing the sound of temple bells ringing, drums and cymbals being played. By the end of a week there was a Consciousness shift; at a physical, quantum and spiritual level.

I returned to Mumbai and I knew I no longer wanted to be a part of showbiz. The past 10 years has been an incredible spiritual adventure. I knew that I would change the world, when I was 5 years old but I didn’t know how and I still don’t.

Lockdown has been a turning point in my life. I used the time to rest, meditate, heal, practice my esoteric practices and started writing. My thoughts will always align with the people I am destined to impact. I am divinely guided to give the right messages to the right people. It’s like a soul contract where a student seeks a teacher, and the teacher appears.

I have always been deeply intuitive. I sense energy shifts and emotions like pain and sorrow. India’s never ending lockdown has been challenging for several people. There was something that was guiding me to call people who were suffering the most. Every person I called said they had just been thinking of me.

When the lockdown started, I started writing everyday. I presumed the lockdown would end in 2 weeks and I would go back to my hectic life and blog once in 5-6 months like I used to.

Instead I have either written or done research everyday for the past 3 months, elevated my consciousness and awakened people, connecting them to their Divine spirit and Divine purpose. When you expand your consciousness, you are causing a conscious expansion around you. It has a ripple effect.

The ethers have connected me with other light workers and we have birthed this e-newspaper. I want all Earth Angels, Star seeds, Indigo’s, Crystal and Rainbow Children to connect with me. If you would like to write, heal or do anything that can raise the energy of collective consciousness.

Give me ideas of how we can collaborate to impact lives. I am keen to organise online mass meditations. When people meditate in large numbers, high vibration coherent energy is generated and it can be measured. Dr. Joe Dispenza measures energy in the room at the beginning of his meditation workshops and at the end after days of meditation. The energy is dramatically different. We can make a significant tangible difference to the energy on earth.

We have to heal the world and make it a better place for the entire human race. People are dying, jobless and suffering. There is an overwhelming energy of grief, pain and loss surrounding the planet. We have to shift energies and elevate vibrational frequency of Earth.

There is much work to be done. Sleep masses cannot save humanity. Only 144,000 Lightworkers can save the world. The time for confusion, hesitation and procrastination is over! We have to take our place in the world now!