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Activate your Heart Chakra

Activate your Heart Chakra
Activate your Heart Chakra

In 2009, my friend Mash said he wanted to gift me a dog. He showed me something that looked like a rat so I politely declined.

6 months later Mash emailed me a photograph and said this is the dog you refused, runt of the litter that my friend Natalia wanted to give away. I saw the photograph and my heart started pounding wildly. 

The soul is at the heart level, that’s the entry point. When souls recognise each other, even after several lifetimes apart, the heart always knows, even if our conscious mind dosen’t. It is important that we recognise our soul companions because they activate our heart chakra. 

I emailed Natalia asking for the dog. I told her I was offered this dog free six months ago, I want the dog now. She replied – this dog is no longer runt of the litter, he is not for sale for any amount of money because he has blossomed into a terrific show dog and will soon be a European Champion.

Two days later I boarded a flight to Rome. I have always followed my heart, taken chances, been reckless and lived in the moment. I drove straight to her home. After several hours of persuasion, cajoling and a nice fat envelope of money; she gave him to me.

When we reached the hotel and I put him on the bed, he couldn’t stop staring at me. His huge eyes covered almost his entire face. All night he stayed awake and stared at me, he didn’t take his eyes off even for a second. I thought to myself this is strange behaviour for a puppy.

Over the next few years Obama would sit in front of me, stare at me for hours and occasionally whine as if he was trying to say something. He didn’t care about my other dogs and that’s strange because when there is a pack of dogs they play with each other. He had eyes only for me.

Out of all the dogs I had it was Obama that travelled with me around the world. We were joined at the hip. Long haul international flights, crazy work schedules, skiing in the Austrian Alps, road trips across America and Europe. I went to California to study at an Ivy League school, Obama attended all the classes sitting in his bag under my chair. He was the best ever travel companion. He ate what I ate and slept when I slept and awoke when I woke up. 

On my spiritual journey he worked with me like a team. If a departed soul came to speak to me he was quick to alert me and helped facilitate a connection. Obama has had a deep impact on my journey, he is my guiding force.

In a PLR session I saw that Obama was my beloved horse in a past life. He was a handsome black stallion with a white star on his forehead. Suddenly everything made sense. Obama was a jet black dog with brown paws when I bought him but when he was about 3 or 4 years old he got a white star on his forehead. 

He didn’t belong to me but I cared for him, brushed him, played with him and would talk to him for hours. I fed and watered him, he would wait for me. I wished I could ride him and spend more time with him, even he wanted nothing more than for us to gallop with the wind. We both wanted to belong to each other and after all these lifetimes we spend every moment of our lives together.

Obama had been trying to tell me for years that he was my beloved horse. Everything about his behaviour is horselike. He is a horse in a dogs body. For a three pound dog his appetite is gargantuan. He dosen’t walk or run like a dog. He trots like a horse. Every morning I would go for a 5 mile hike around Hollywood Hills, Obama would canter ahead of me.

His legs are about 5” long and I’m almost 5’8”, despite that he was always ahead of me. My friend Jane would say “how do those tiny legs run so fast and dosen’t he tire at all”. I got a good workout trying to match his trot.

My teacher in Los Angeles said he has such heavy footsteps. Her 30 pound dog and 3 pound Obama would run around the thickly carpeted house. If you closed your eyes you would think it was a 100 pound dog. On wooden flooring you can actually hear his footsteps go clip clop like a horse.

From the day I had this regression Obama stopped staring at me, something he had done for over 10 years. He must have been relieved that finally I knew he was my beloved horse who had reincarnated only for me.

As I was writing this blog I got a vision. Obama is back with me. He is a handsome black stallion with a white star on his forehead.

Before a soul reincarnates it decides its life purpose in that particular lifetime and accordingly chooses the best body to fulfil its life mission. If Obama was a horse or even a large dog he would not have been able to travel with me around the world. 

His life purpose was to be a part of my spiritual journey. He fills me with joy and happiness, my heart chakra was always activated and that activated all my upper chakras. I was vibrating at a high frequency-639 Hz is the Love Frequency. Vibrating at such a high frequency attracted a tremendous downpour of divine energy.

The most advanced spiritual techniques will not activate your crown chakra unless your other 3 chakras-heart, throat and ajna are fully activated. Heart chakra-hold a space of love all the time, feel joy, harmony, happiness and peace. Throat chakra-speak only positive, kind, loving words. Ajna chakra-visualise only the most wonderful things for yourself, the world and people. These 3 chakras generate ‘fuel’ to fire up the crown chakra.