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Divine Timing
Author, Healing Hypnosis

Trust in Divine Timing, it’s spiritual synchronicity. The alignment of people, places and events are choreographed for your souls highest good. The soul is eternal, birth and death are just an  illusion. It reincarnates again and again in different bodies and situations for our souls to evolve spiritually.

For 10 years I wasn’t able to regress. I went to several therapists across the world but I couldn’t regress. In this session I regressed to 3 different lifetimes. My subconscious knitted together the most important related moments from a cluster of lifetimes to rapidly and powerfully heal my hidden trauma.

Visions of my past lives come to me randomly now, but it’s taken me years of daily meditation to arrive at this state of being. The more you practice, the better prepared you’ll be to open up to these experiences.

For my PLR with Camila I prepared my mind, body and soul for two days prior to the session.

  • I prepared a list of questions I wanted to ask my subconscious and I repeated to myself several times a day “I connect to my subconscious easily”. 
  • I cleared my mind before the session by meditating and sitting in silence all day.
  • I don’t drink alcohol, caffeine or smoke. If you do, refrain from them for a few days prior to your regression. I always eat fresh, organic, non-processed foods(no dead animals). On that day I ate a light meal of khichri and vegetables.
  • I wore loose fitting light coloured clothes

Camila asked me to pull 2 cards that would indicate what the session would be like. 

This PLR was truly a breakthrough experience for me at many levels. Notice the numbers 11 and 3 on the cards. My birth month is 11 and my birth date is 3.

SoulUrge Number of the name Camila is 11 – People with this name have a deep inner desire to inspire others in a higher cause, and to share their own strongly held views on spiritual matters.

Expression Number of the name Camila is 3

Camila and I are born in the same year but she is old, wise and has a huge responsibility on her young shoulders. Synchronicity of numbers tell their own story of a deep connection between us. 

Camila is an extremely old soul, the oldest soul I have met. Her eyes indicate the antiquity of her soul. There are old souls whose wisdom rests on young shoulders. I will forever be grateful to her for helping me heal multiple traumas in one session. This session was a huge jump for my soul.

She has authored several books and also translated books of Dr.Brian Weiss, the God of PLR. Follow her journey on https://instagram.com/camila.healing?igshid=23vi7qwkf62o

Regression #1

I go to the lifetime where I was a lion in North Africa. I go to the end of my life where I leave my pride and go alone into a cave to die. There is a jackal that has been watching me from afar for several years. I ignored the jackal, I was after all King of the Jungle. This jackal watched as I went into the cave alone to die. I have reincarnated with this jackal, she is my step sister with whom I have had an extremely difficult relationship since I was a baby. 

One day several months ago I had a vision that I would die before my step sister. My logical mind rationalised that this was impossible because she is many many years older to me. I saw that I did die before her in that lifetime and the cycle will probably continue unless I heal it. Both our personalities are exactly like the animals we were. Over the years she has watched me from afar, loathed me as I went from strength to strength. I really don’t care, I was, am and will always be King of the Jungle!

I am certain there are more lifetimes to this toxic relationship. I want nothing more than to heal this relationship, this is a huge stumbling block for the evolution of my soul. We will keep reincarnating until we learn the lessons we are meant to learn.

When I was a lion in North Africa  https://theindigoworld.com/lion-reincarnation/  

Regression #2

I go to the lifetime where I was an Ostrich. The hunter that took my life and in whose arms I died comes back. This is my father who saved my life on more than one occasion. He is not my biological father but he is the man who gave me my life. When his life left his body I held him. I held his lifeless body for a long time after, exactly like how he held my lifeless body for a long time after life had left my Ostrich body. Law of Karma – he took my life as a hunter, hundreds of years later he gave me life as my father.

There are more lifetimes to this relationship too. They will come to me at the right time. The cycle of giving and taking life will continue.

When I was an Ostrich    https://theindigoworld.com/ostrich-reigning-queen-of-birds/ 

Regression #3

It is a myth that past life regression is going back in time into other lifetimes. In PLR you can go back in time to your current lifetime, when you were in the womb or as an infant. I regress to the time I was a baby in this lifetime. I was in a particular room in my grandmothers house. My grandmother lives in a huge house which has about 25 odd rooms. That particular room has been a dining room ever since I could remember but she confirmed that when I was a baby that room was a bedroom and I was kept in that room. I’m sleeping peacefully in my crib. 

My stepsister is glaring at me, hatred in her eyes, anger on her face. She starts pinching me hard & I wake up crying. My mother comes running into the room and she lies that I just started crying. There are several other instances as a baby where she would cause me physical pain. My earliest memories as a child are of being thrashed by her. It was an unequal fight because she was several years older to me and physically much bigger than me. Since I was about 4 or 5 I remember being beaten black and blue by her. 

My parents sent me away to boarding and I didn’t meet my step sister for several years. During holidays I didn’t go home, I was sent to summer camp. Over the years I have tried my best to mend fences with her. I value human relationships above everything else. It pains me that I have such an acrimonious relationship with her; this is the only toxic relationship in my life and I want nothing more than to make this right. All my efforts are stonewalled by my stepsister. 

We have to learn our lesson and stop reincarnating lifetime after lifetime to learn the same lesson. Lessons in life will be repeated until they are learned. Our souls need to evolve, grow and learn new lessons.

In each lifetime you connect with unfinished stories. You will recognise your soul companions by the deep emotional bonds you share with them. Your soul story with them started in another lifetime. 

The cycle of giving and taking lives with my father will continue. He took my life as a hunter then gave me life as a father. I didn’t take his life but I was holding him when his life was taken and now I will give him life. He will return to me reborn as my son.

These 3 regressions have given me a deep sense of knowing. I have found peace and healing in revisiting these specific incidents. I asked myself everyday how and why is my relationship with my step sister so traumatic. Why does she feel so much anger and hatred when all I have ever given her is love. As a child I couldn’t understand why she would start beating me for no reason. 

I now know it comes from several other lifetimes. I understand that we will reincarnate in the same soul groups again & again until we learn the lesson. Reacting in the same way keeps you bound to the lesson and you get into a karmic loop. When you face the same situations lifetime after lifetime you have to react differently. The karmic cycle can end only if you break the chain. I forgive her and release this bitter relationship to the Universe.

Bitterness and Love can’t live together in the same heart. You must decide what you want in your heart. Without forgiveness, our souls are tied to what happened to us in the past. Forgive people, not because they deserve your forgiveness, but because you deserve peace. Holding onto anger hurts you, not them. 

Forgiving you is my gift to you, moving on is my gift to myself.