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Lion Reincarnation
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Years ago in an Angel Writing class the first word I wrote was LION. My teacher asked if my Animal Spirit Guide was a Lion. I didn’t know then what Animal Spirit Guide meant and told her I was just back from working with lions in Africa and they were probably in my subconscious. She said Angels are very clear and specific about their messages. It isn’t such a simple explanation, I have a deep connection with ‘Lion’ and it’s for me to find out what it is.

When I attended a Shaman ceremony in California I discovered Lion was my Animal Spirit Guide. I was in Africa as a Volunteer at an Elephant sanctuary. A lion sanctuary nearby didn’t have enough volunteers because feeding involved hacking dead horses into pieces and flinging them into enclosures. They asked if any of the volunteers could help there. As much as I adored horses I knew it was a job that had to be done, lions can’t be vegan.

When I arrived at the lion sanctuary I felt I had come home. In my heart I longed to go lie down in their midst. The sanctuary had strict rules, we weren’t allowed to touch lions after the age of 6 months, we couldn’t enter the enclosures. These weren’t drugged lions that tourists pose with for photographs or the ones reared in petting zoos; these beasts could kill a man with one swipe of their paw.

I would sit outside their enclosures and gaze at them for hours. I have learnt so much from watching them. They are the most noble, magnificent creatures on the planet. They are feared as a predator but they are kind, loyal, generous, loving animals. Their aura whispers royalty; they truly are ‘Kings of the Jungle’.

My favourite dog was more lion than cocker spaniel. I had nicknamed him ‘My Lion’. We would roll on the floor and play rough exactly like two lions. The lions defining play is head butt and that was our favourite too. He behaved exactly like a lion. His yawn, the way he sat, his slow walk, swaying his head side to side like a lion on the prowl in the jungle. When he sprawled out on the sofa I could literally visualise him sitting in the jungle. Its possible that he was a lion in one of his lifetimes and maybe we were together in this particular lifetime too.

My Lion connection goes back several lifetimes. In all my Past Life Regressions I was a woman, that explains why I’m an uber feminine woman. Over two dozen PLR’s and I was a woman in each and every one of them. But in this lifetime I was a male. I was surprised and thought to myself I was imagining it; I haven’t actually regressed so let’s end the session and try again another day. Just as I was about to open my eyes and sit up my therapist tapped my third eye firmly and clicked her fingers loudly in my ears.

I was a young male lion in North Africa. with a lighter, shorter mane. Extremely protective and possessive about my family. I loved exploring, walking to different areas and trying new foods, I would eat flowers, berries, fruits and leaves.
I was extremely surprised when I saw this and told my therapist I have worked with lions for years and they do not eat anything except meat. My therapist said ‘Shhhhhh, trust, stay with it” and tapped my forehead again. My logical mind was trying to analyse and take over. Back to my memory – When we reached a water body I would be the first to drink water and only after I found it safe would I allow my family to drink water.

My personality is exactly like this in my current life. I’m super protective of my family, I always want to be a shield for my family and friends. There is nothing I love more than exploring and traveling around the world. I love trying new foods. I will try everything, whether it’s a fried grasshopper in Thailand or Cricket Chips in Los Angeles.

When I went to the end of this lifetime I saw that I went away alone to die in a cave. In my current lifetime if I am unwell I retreat to my bedroom and don’t want anyone around me. In times of anguish, pain, hurt I always retreat alone. I don’t want a 5 am friend or a shoulder to cry on. I want to be alone in a den.

there is a symbolic striking resemblance between the species of lion I was and how I look in my current lifetime

The core essence of a lion is my core essence and I am not Leo zodiac, I don’t have Leo anywhere in my birth chart. A lion is part of a pride but actually a loner in the larger scheme of things. That is the real Me. In many situations I ask myself what would a lion do.

As soon as I finished this session I emailed Jabari, manager of the sanctuary in Africa I volunteered at. I thought I might have imagined the entire session. I found it odd that I was a male. The soul changes sexes, religion, race, species etc in order to learn, it goes effortlessly from one body to the next to evolve & in pursuit of higher consciousness. The soul never dies, it only changes its clothes – the body. Everything about this PLR session was illogical. I knew for a fact that lions only ate meat because I have hacked horses and thrown them into enclosures with my own hands. Fruits were definitely not a part of their diet.

Jabari replied saying that lions in the wild do eat fruits and a variety of other flora in the jungle. I would never have imagined. This session brought a deep sense of knowing and in some ways closure. I have always felt one with lions, there is a magical connection with them. In the sanctuary I had to follow rules, we weren’t allowed to enter the enclosures. There is nothing I craved more than to lie amongst them, play with them, roll and head butt.

In my head I was one of the pride. I had written a blog almost a decade ago about my deep connection with the jungle and lions. My subconscious always knew, my cells knew. (https://theindigoworld.com/jungle-queen/ ) Life has come full circle for me, across thousands of years and innumerable lifetimes.


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