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Akashic Records – Book of Life

Akashic Records – Book of Life
Akashic Records

Theosophists say the Akashic Chronicle is a compendium of all human events, thoughts, words and emotions ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future, they are encoded in the mental plane. These records are constantly updated in real time. Quantum scientists say that Akasha recorded by ancients is actually an energy field that connects all living things.

Metaphysician Rudolf Steiner said every action, word and thought leaves a trace in etheric realms. Physicist Ervin Laszlo concluded from his research that Akasha contains templates such as harmony and equanimity for human ideals and this is in his “Akasha Paradigm” which he says is part of the human evolutionary processes.

The precise moment and location we are born, creates a blueprint for our life story and we choose our birth time when our karma is energetically matched with the Universe and stars. Our unique roadmap is a Jungian archetype. We are microscopic pieces of an incomprehensibly vast and interconnected Universe.

Akashic Records are in the upper ethers or ‘akasha’ that God created and it has existed since the beginning of time. All souls that incarnate in physical form can journey back up & see what their souls life purpose is in this incarnation, what they need to work on, their life path and experiences.

Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning sky, space or ether. Akashic or energetic records are ‘Book of Life’ or “God’s Book of Remembrance” in the old testament (Exodus). Soul contracts of each and every soul in the entire Universe are in this book. Scriptures say there is a record of every life kept in heaven and it is from these records that souls are judged.

‘Reading’ this book is extremely empowering, inspiring and transformative. Every memory, every experience of every lifetime is in this library. It gives one clarity on how to align with your highest life path, soul journey, past, present and future lives.

In the movie Interstellar Matthew McConaughey enters an infinite, interdimensional library that allows him to look at different moments in his daughter’s life, including the day he left for his mission on Endurance and he is able to see into the future. He speaks about the bridge, fifth dimension and how a connection is quantifiable. Akashic Records are a bridge between heaven and Earth. 

When your energetic frequency matches your Akashic records in the Universe you receive messages. You feel it’s your intuition, sensing or ‘knowing’ something or a day dream. This is most likely your subconscious accessing the Akashic Records. 

When I talk to Reeva, one of my closest friends I randomly say things which turn out to be prophetic. We used to think I was intuitive or ‘psychic’. It was only recently that I realised I was subconsciously ‘reading’ from the Akashic Records. 

Few months ago I told her you’re going to have a baby now. She looked at me shocked. She told me that she and her husband had just decided to have a baby and she hadn’t even told her mother so she was surprised as to how I knew. She asked me how many children she would have. I told her three children and they will all be close family that will reincarnate. Her family guru had told her that her grandparents and great grandfather would reincarnate in her womb, I wasn’t aware of this prediction. During her marriage I told her that he was her husband in a previous life and will be in the next life too. She laughed and said her guruji and mother had said the exact same thing.

Reeva speaks often about her childhood friend Sandhya that she grew up with. One day she mentioned that Sandhya was going to meet a Government officer for a marriage proposal. I wondered why the daughter of a multi billionaire would marry a Government officer. She could marry anyone she wanted. As we were talking about it I got a flash they were man and wife in a past life and Reeva and Sandhya were sisters in a past life.

The next morning Reeva told me that Sandhya & Shiv decided over dinner that they would marry. They connected instantaneously. Souls always recognise each other. No matter how far away they live and how different their lives are, souls always find their way back to each other.

I didn’t see or hear from Reeva for the next few weeks. She met me after the wedding and said it was a hectic, chaotic wedding that they had to put together in record time. She showed me photographs of hen parties, spas trips, bridal parties etc. in every photograph she was wearing ‘Sister of the Bride’ sash. Reeva said that both she & Sandhya felt like they were sisters. I wasn’t sure if I should tell her that they were actually sisters in another lifetime! The subconscious always remembers, the heart always knows.

Reeva and her husband were man and wife in another lifetime. Reeva and Sandhya were sisters in another lifetime. Sandhya and Shiv were man and wife in another lifetime and in this lifetime the four of them are inseparable. We always reincarnate in the same soul groups. To learn important life lessons and evolve. A soul dosen’t know time, space and distance.

Reeva’s husband is from Malaysia. He was in India for a conference and they met. Long distance relationships rarely work but they courted over the phone and married. The only explanation for some relationships is a past life connection. 

Sandhya, a billionaire’s daughter had an arranged marriage with a Government officer-Shiv. Why would her parents choose him when they could have easily found a business alliance with any billionaire family in india? How is it that Sandhya, a stunner hadn’t found love on her own? This wasn’t a match made in heaven. It was a match made in a previous life. 

Soulmates belong to each other and they will find each other again and again, lifetime after lifetime until they have finished their karmic debt to one another. 

If you want to access your Akashic Records you need to raise the level of your vibrations. Einstein said “everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, it’s physics.”
The Pathway Prayer is a vibrational frequency composed of specific sounds that allows you to access the Akashic records. Raising your vibrational Frequency takes several years of study and practice. Sacred Prayer or Pathway Prayer can be found on several spiritual websites. Keep an open heart and set an intention.