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Karma Comes Full Circle

Karma Comes Full Circle
True Story

“You’re Stunning” said a soft, accented voice behind me. I turned around and saw an extremely well groomed woman, fiftyish, chic & stylish with ash blonde hair. She was graceful and articulate. Words cannot convey how stunning, ravishing and absolutely gorgeous she was. Only a confident, well traveled, educated woman like this would be secure enough to compliment another woman.

Nina and I became extremely close friends almost instantaneously. We started talking about Spirituality, healing techniques and Past Life Regression. In a few minutes I knew we had a past life connection. We spent sometime talking; when we were leaving Nina said “I would love to meet you again but I hope you won’t betray me”

I was flummoxed. It was a rather odd thing to say to someone you have just met. Why would I betray her and why would she presume that I would betray her. This was definitely past life baggage. She went on to tell me that she was 66 years old and had worked in xxx International Airline for the past 42 years and had just retired. Initially she was a stewardess in first class and later she was head of the Department that selected and groomed air hostesses for the airline.

She showed me before & after photographs. She would always choose the least attractive girls. Everyone in the airline wondered about her choice of girls. They didn’t interfere with her selection process because she always delivered. The final groomed product was always a drop dead gorgeous air hostess. The airline couldn’t understand why Nina was not choosing the pretty girls. Nina always picked the underdog.

Once the girls were in the airline, with a fancy salary and lifestyle that they would never have got if it wasn’t for Nina, they would bad mouth Nina, write vicious letters to Senior Officials, complain about her, gang up against her. If they wanted a friend to get into the airline they would once again be best friends with her until she got them into the airline then again turn their backs on her once their friend was hired.

This cycle went on for several years both in the airline and with Nina’s other friends and relatives. Nina was always generous with her relatives. They reciprocated her kindness with viciousness. Nina was heartbroken but she found it in her heart to continue helping everyone she met. Buddha said “loss and betrayal bring us awakening”. There was definitely a deep lesson for Nina to learn in all these betrayals. 

When Nina retired she spent her days seeking and learning various esoteric practices. She went to a past life regression therapist. When she regressed she found herself in a harem in ancient Egypt. Contrary to popular belief a harem was not a house full of nubile young women who spend their days lounging about a pool, beautifying themselves waiting for the Sultan to summon them to bed. 
A harem was a highly privileged female community independent from the main royal palace, it housed single women and the king’s secondary wives, their servants, and children. All the women were treated with honour and respect. Some of the secondary wives were Egyptian, others were the daughters of foreign kings sent to Egypt by their fathers as a symbol of peace and brotherhood that existed between nations. Large harems had their own estate, with land and peasants to produce food for everyone and enough surplus to pay for all of the other necessities. There were male officials and administrators to keep everything running smoothly.

Nina was the chief guard of the Royal Harem. He had the keys to the gates of the harem. He was in charge of protecting all the women in the palace. A war broke out and the Palace was attacked. Instead of safeguarding the women Nina opened the gates of the harem in exchange for his life. Innocent women were raped, tortured, taken prisoner and murdered. Nina had betrayed the women.

Life had come full circle, across many lifetimes. Our future lies in our past. There is no escaping your karma. Nina’s soul’s lesson is to help these young girls, her relatives and friends unconditionally, then suffer their hatred, instead of being thanked with gratitude. All the people Nina helped were the same people she betrayed in the harem, in ancient Egypt hundreds or thousands of years ago. They were all reborn and came into each other’s lives to neutralise their karmic debts. You can’t escape your Karma, even in another lifetime.

There are many types of Karma and Karmic debts that you have to neutralise. There is individual karma, group Karma and also planetary Karma. In Group Karma the Karma of a race or nationality or religious group is worked through and balanced by the group. It is group Karma that determines the future of a country, city or organisation. Planetary karma affects the destiny of a planet, we know of planets that were thriving with life but are now completely destroyed

PLR gave Nina closure. There was finally a deep sense of knowing why she suffered endlessly when all she gave was unconditional love. Healing occurs at many levels, not just physical. Real healing happens at the heart and soul level. In a PLR session we tend to visit traumatic incidents more than happy ones. This is because we have to confront these situations, come to terms with it and heal our psyche.