Planets Rule Your Life

2020 will be a turning point in history, there will be a Before 2020 and After 2020. I believe there is a connection between all life on Earth and celestial cycles. The planets give us a bird’s-eye perspective of our lives.

Saturn Pluto conjunction on 12th January, 2020 will create paradigm shifts and spiritual awakening. Saturn is a Karmic planet of structure, time, limitations, and responsibility. It gives us wisdom and teaches us life lessons. Pluto is the bulldozer of the zodiac, a planet of transformation-death & rebirth, gives us lessons of extremes. These are some of the world events that have happened during similar planetary conjunctions.

Saturn Pluto conjunction in October 1914 saw the outbreak of World War I. A global conflict that changed power dynamics-end of Russian monarchy, Ottoman Empire and Austro-Hungarian Empire. National borders were drawn within Europe.

Saturn Pluto conjunction in 1931 was when the world suffered the Great Depression. Geneva Convention in 1931 established the standards of international law for humanitarian treatment in war, ethical treatment for prisoners of war

Saturn Pluto conjunction in 1947 is when Partition of India happened. British India was divided into two independent countries-India and Pakistan. 12-14 million people were displaced during Partition, thousands were killed or separated from their families and the Train Massacre was a tragedy Indians will never forget. Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated in 1947

Saturn Pluto conjunction in 1982 brought the worst economic recession in the world since the Great Depression; with highest rate of unemployment in the U.S. since world war 2. The Cold War escalated leading to the dangerous Soviet American confrontation. 1982 was the year HIV virus was identified, thousands died and they called it an AIDS epidemic or Gay Plague. Fear of infection, fear of an unknown new virus and stigma changed the way people lived and loved. Swinging Sixties and Seventies was a fun, disco time. The world had suddenly changed, nothing would ever be the same again.

Saturn Pluto conjunction in 2020 will be a brutal wakeup call. Important structures of power will be torn down and rebuilt. There will be a major shift of freedom and power. You will see protests, riots, activist activity, mass strikes, financial collapses, government and political upheavels, war & bloodshed. There will be severe economic recession. As I was writing this I saw a news flash of riots in Hong Kong. This is just the beginning.

  Jupiter & Pluto conjunction in 2008 caused the global financial crisis and the Great Depression of 1929. Jupiter Pluto was conjunct on 5th April, 2020. Pluto is debt, this year will be one of global debt and crisis. Jupiter magnifies everything-both money and debt. Jupiter Pluto cycles reflect a remarkable ability to transform difficulty into opportunity, both individually and collectively. Several unique new businesses have mushroomed and others have reinvented themselves brilliantly. Great ideas are born in moments of crisis.

Other lesser known dwarf planets that are orbiting close to Earth now are causing an evolutionary jump in consciousness and awakening of humanity.

Asteroid Hygiea is the smallest dwarf planet in the solar system. Named after Greek Goddess Hygieia, the goddess of health and cleanliness. Lack of hygiene in Wuhan wet market caused this virus to jump from animals to humans.

Sedna is another dwarf planet named after Sedna-Goddess of the Sea. Sedna exists beyond 3 D consciousness, deep in the ocean. She is linked to everything that has consciousness, all forms of life under the ocean and in the animal kingdom. She is symbolic of major earth changes and awakening of humanity.

Hygiea has a 5 1/2 year orbit and Sedna 11 1/2 thousand years. Hygiea Sedna conjunction in December is when they were at their closest point to earth. The first cases of Covid-19 were detected in December. What is happening in the world right now is symbolic of these two dwarf planets-hygiene and awakening.

Dwarf planet Haumea is named after Goddess Haumea-Hawaiian goddess of fertility and childbirth. She is symbolic of raising our consciousness and regeneration of Earth. Legend has it that after famine and destruction of nature she could produce food with her magic stick Makalei

Dwarf planet Chariklo creates big transitions in consciousness

Dwarf planet Eris is named after goddess Eris. She is the Greek Goddess of chaos, strife and discord with a purpose to move us to a higher state of being, to a higher reality. Change is never smooth. What no longer serves us will crumble and burn away, a new order will emerge from the ashes like a Phoenix.

Jupiter Saturn conjunction on 21st, December 2020 in Aquarius will give birth to a new world, a new rise of structure and leadership, a new dawn, a new ideal for humanity to unfold. There is a shift in energy, a conscious effort to elevate global consciousness.

Planetary transits and conjunctions happening right now occur once in several hundred years. This is the beginning of a whole new era where we will awaken and expand our spiritual transformation.

Our entire solar system is spinning out of the magnetic cloud. NASA has confirmed a drop in magnetic shield. More cosmic energy is coming into earth planes and our bodies. This is science, not astrology or spirituality.

More cosmic energy means an energetic upgrade. All energy lines on earth are strengthening and widening. Use this surge of energy to elevate your vibrational frequency

There is always a frequency match between your inner mind and outer world. If you are feeling fear & anxiety you will attract more fearful experiences. You have to consciously feel love and then you will attract positive experiences from the quantum field. Whatever energy you are broadcasting is what you will attract. What emotion do you feel right now? Fear, anxiety, anger, worry, suffering, struggle? Now look at the vibrational frequency chart and see where you are vibrating

These are unprecedented circumstances. You need to overcome your fear and anxiety, it lowers your immune system and makes your energy chaotic. Billions of people around the world are vibrating at a low frequency. Collective consciousness of the world is extremely low.

Vibrational Frequency, Scale of Consciousness

You have to consciously shift your energy upwards. Stop watching the news, you cannot change anything. If you could, you would be on the news. Control your fear and intentionally vibrate in a higher frequency. Look at the chart several times a day and set an intention. Decide at which vibrational frequency you want to vibrate at. Look at the corresponding emotion and consciously feel that emotion several times a day. Your frequency can change in a few seconds. One tiny argument and you will come crashing down to the bottom of the chart.

Trust that your higher frequency will take you a higher place, with higher thoughts and ideas. Purge the old, clear out clutter-both at home and in your mind, release negativity and fear. Transmute lower fear based energies into higher energies of love and joy. Try to stay centred around love frequency. Bathe in pink light. Visualise that you are in a bubble of soft pink light.

You have the power to help raise the energy, frequency and collective consciousness of people. Ask your family and friends to bathe in pink light and send pink light to their friends, people infected with Coronavirus, families suffering from loss, quarantine, separation, starvation, migrants suffering from untold misery. Be a beacon of pink light. Transmute dark energies of the planet to beautiful, soft pink, vibrant light💖