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Find your Spiritual Guru

Find your Spiritual Guru
Knowledge is the best Guru

                           A guru is someone who is a teacher, guide, expert, or master of a certain knowledge or field. There is an abundance of spiritual teachers and gurus around the world but they needn’t be your guru. Your guru could be a book, movie, documentary, technique or even a scientist. 

                       There is great wisdom, healing, enlightenment and powerful transformation awaiting those who seek. When a student seeks a teacher and a teacher appears or vice versa, it’s like a soul contract. You will have many gurus in your life. Every time your frequency changes your guru will change. You will attract the teacher you need at that particular stage of your journey. The greatest teachers have taught us that joy is in the journey itself.

                       In the past 10 years I have travelled to remote parts of the world seeking. I learnt more from Dr. Joe Dispenza who is a neuroscientist in America than from monks in the Himalayas. Scientists have been studying the science of spirituality for decades! Quantum physics gives you a scientific explanation for everything. 

                 When you meditate and connect with your higher self, you can access your higher self’s wisdom, knowledge you gained in all your incarnations. You will discover why you chose your challenges and hardships, why you reincarnated on this planet at this particular time, what is your unique role that only you can fulfil? 

                       Dalai Lama said “After meditating daily for 60 years, it is still hard.” We are all on the same path with the same struggles. Some are a little ahead, that’s all. What helped me more than any spiritual guru was looking inwards. Master Dogen said “Look for Buddha outside your own mind, and Buddha becomes the devil”

                 Jesus Christ said you have to find strength and power to live your fullest life inside yourself through introspection. “The kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21) 

                      Assisting us along our path of awakening is the abundance of spiritual information available online. Souls are seeking awakening and connecting to their higher consciousness. 

YouTube has over 10 million videos on spirituality. There are several documentaries and movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime and other platforms too. 

                      This deluge of online information accelerates our spiritual growth. It triggers us to awaken and seek. Ancient wisdom is easily accessible today. We don’t have to journey halfway across the world seeking a guru. Access to knowledge of how to attain enlightenment and higher consciousness is available at the click of a button. 

                      Hollywood is supposed to be a Godless place but I have found deep spiritual meaning in several Hollywood movies. They have made me think, expand my consciousness, change my perspective and explore different paths of spirituality.

                     Physicist Adam Frank was a consultant for Hollywood movie Dr. Strange. Parallel realities and different worlds shown in the film were based on his research. He explained how everything is consciousness. People experience the same situation differently because of differences in levels of consciousness, the reality in which we live is merely what our consciousness perceives as reality, but not necessarily the only reality. Different people going through the same incident experience it differently. Take the ongoing lockdown as an example-some people took this as an opportunity to improve themselves and some are battling severe depression. Different people watching the same movie will take away different messages.

                        The Pentagon is the most unique shape I have seen in an office building. It has a deep spiritual connection to Sacred Geometry. All life forms emerge out of timeless geometric codes. The five basic patterns are Tetrahedron, Hexahedron, Octahedron, Dodecahedron and Icosahedron. You’ll find these patterns throughout the Universe. Dr. Strange harvests energy from other energies of the Universe to build shields that look like Sacred Geometry. 

                            Hollywood movie Avatar was about Shamans with healing powers, reincarnation, worship of nature, nature spirits, Gaia(Mother Earth) as supreme deity, goddess worship, panentheism(a belief that the divine pervades and penetrates every part of the universe and also extends beyond space and time), the deep connection between humans and nature and spirit/soul travel.

                    Avatar shows how people, plants and animals are connected via a neural network-people, plants and animals. This interconnectedness exists in every planet. You have to find your dragon, not just any dragon. Each of you is meant to be with a specific dragon. Symbolically this can be in your professional or personal life. All too often we work with people with whom we have no synergy or connect.

                       A Shaman I studied with was very popular for her Mother Ritual passed down generations in her family. Women from all over the world, of all ages, who had tried every possible fertility treatment unsuccessfully came to her and became mothers within a year. She had a technique of drawing mother energy from Mother Earth and physicalising it in the womb.

                       If you put your bare feet on the ground you will instantly start absorbing prana. Mother Earth immediately changes the quality and viscosity of your blood, it changes your bio markers, this is called earthing or grounding. We are all meant to be connected to earth and interconnected with each other and the planet. 

                   Stargate Project was code name for a secret U.S. Army unit established in 1978 at Fort Meade, by the Defense Intelligence Agency to investigate the potential for psychic phenomena in military missions. In America, for decades Authorities have worked with psychics to solve difficult cases. There are some intriguing documentaries on Netflix, of how psychics solved cases that detectives couldn’t solve for years. After watching one such documentary I wrote to a psychic I was deeply drawn to. I’m learning psychometry from her now. You can find your guru anywhere, even in a documentary. 

                 In the documentary Mystical Brain, French Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard, called the happiest man in the world attaches hundreds of sensors to his head to monitor his brain-wave activity. His MRI scan showed activity in his pre-frontal cortex, area associated with positivity, was at the highest level ever recorded in the scientific literature. 

                When you’re vibrating at a high frequency of happiness and love it can change your entire life, you attract more experiences of the same frequency. It’s simple Law of Attraction. 

                    Star Wars introduced the ‘Force’ as a spiritual energy field that connects all living things. It tried to awaken spirituality in people without a reference to God or any specific religion. They used the the ‘Force’ to manifest telepathy and the mind to manipulate matter. If you are an 80’s child you will understand the iconic phrase “May the Force be with you.”

                         If you rewatch these movies you will find new spiritual perspectives to think about. We cannot choose the time we get specific messages, we get them when we are ready for them. Distress is a significant catalyst for personal growth. This global crisis is teaching us our greatest lessons. When fishermen can’t go to sea they repair their nets.

                 Use your lockdown time for growth and expansion, to find your spiritual guru – it could be a movie, an article, a podcast. If you seek, you will find!