I am at a fork in the road. I’m unsure of the way forward. All my plans have gone awry. I don’t know when the lockdown will lift and how life will be then. It will be a new world, an unknown world. I was talking to my friend Kate, a Past Life Regression therapist that I had regressed with. We were discussing that scientists at NASA have discovered a parallel Universe where time flowed backwards. I was telling her I wish I could go back in time and undo Coronavirus or fast forward to 2021 and forget about 2020.

Kate asked me if I would like to go forward in time and meet my future self. She said “there are many different versions of the future. You can see your life and if you don’t like something you can change it. Your future starts with the choices you make today. Future is not fixed in stone. The future is yours to transform, heal and transmute into a better life. You can use your mind to go forward or backward on your path

I was fascinated by this. I knew that time is a dimension that can be traveled. Our past, present, and future influence each other. But I did not know that you can go into the future and if you do not like the future you are heading towards, you can change course in the now!

Quantum physicists have discovered that time on this physical plane is an illusion. There is only an eternal Now. All time past, present and future is simultaneous, and because of that you have access to your own future self

Quantum physics has several very intriguing theories of time. Physicists claim time dosen’t even exist, we project sequences of past, present and future onto a complex network of events.

I have written about my long struggle with Past Life Regression. I went to several therapists for 10 years but I wasn’t able to regress. My soul was probably not ready to receive information or maybe my shadow beliefs were not allowing me to surrender. There could be several reasons for not being able to regress or progress.

Success of a therapy is in no way reflective of a therapist or technique. I have studied telekinesis. I can move a piece of paper but not a car. That dosen’t mean the technique dosen’t work. It only means I need a lot more study and practice. Everything can be learnt, even Clairvoyance is a ‘Siddhi’ (paranormal power that can be attained by a siddha).

In the first session I was not able to go into the future. Maybe my subconscious mind was resisting it. Sigmund Freud whose ideas inspired regression therapy said we have to make the unconscious conscious.

Kate and I scheduled another FLP after a few days. She gave me homework to do before the next session. I read all that she asked me to, did the meditations, breath work, specific yogic asanas, made my lists and fasted for 20 hours to get greater clarity.

Going forward and backwards is actually an ancient Indian technique. Kalachakra meaning “Cycle of Time”, is an esoteric practice in Indian Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism. Kalachakra has the power to turn the wheel of time backward and forward and manipulate it in various ways. Kalachakra Tantra is the Highest Yoga Tantra and it’s practice leads to perfect Buddhahood. This Tantra was taught by Buddha in India two and half thousand years ago at the request of the King of Shambala.

You can learn to bend time, freeze it and create time loops. You can manipulate space-time continuum. Time is actually an illusion. The past, present and future are all occurring at once in this moment.  Because our physical body is part of the third dimension, our mind can only perceive experiences separately, meaning one at a time-past or present or future. There are many parallel realities occurring simultaneously. If you were to operate from your Soul dimension, you would be able to see beyond the limitations of the human mind and body.

You can go into future lives or 10 years ahead or to any specific event. I was very clear that I want to see my immediate future so I had written down and memorised certain dates over the next two years. So it was imprinted on my subconscious.

Some people feel this is interfering with free will or destiny. It’s important to remember that FLP allows you to only view your future life. The choice to change or not change your future is yours.

You are breathing life into your future with your thoughts and feelings. That is why I keep saying, raise your vibrational frequency, think higher thoughts. Your future has infinite possibilities. You can shape your destiny and transform your life to live on a much grander scale. There is a certain percentage of your life that is predetermined and there is a part of your life that you can change. Spiritual Gurus are divided on how much is free will and how much is destiny.

In the second session also I was unable to progress. Clearly the timing was not right. I was deeply disappointed. I want to do everything perfectly and I try really hard. When I fail it hits me hard.

Finally I progressed in my third session. I went to four different dates over the next two years. I loved everything I saw and I chose not to change anything. I’m keen to do more progressions. I want to try a progression just a week ahead, to experience it real time.

Once you choose the life you want to live your practitioner will use an NLP anchoring technique to lock the energy of the feelings of this dream life into every single cell of your body, turning it into a cellular memory. When this process has been completed your life will begin to be drawn towards you and you toward it. As you stay focused on your dream life, one day the two will meet and you will find yourself living a completely different life than the one that was in store for you had you not experienced this process!

There are several apps and youtube videos of how to do Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression. Please don’t try these, most of them have a disclaimer that they are only for entertainment. I have tried all of these and achieved nothing. Sometimes I was left with a debilitating migraine. You need a qualified and experienced therapist to help you tap into the ‘Source’ or altered states of awareness.