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How to Cope with Death

How to Cope with Death
Cope with Death

When babies, young children or someone young dies suddenly, their soul has sacrificed for us to learn important life lessons.

When Daddy died suddenly, I was for the first time in my life floundering. I contacted Aryana-a medium who speaks to souls that have transitioned from this world. She had the kindest voice ever, she was wise and loving. There was an indescribable warmth about her. I felt as though she had enveloped me in her angel wings and washed me with brilliant white light.

I was shocked when I met Aryana, she was about 35-37 years old. How could someone so young be so knowledgeable and evolved.

Aryana started talking about her soul journey, the moment that changed the trajectory of her soul. She was 19 years old, she went to a party with her friends. Her parents, brother and sister were home sleeping. She returned to find her home burnt to the ground. Her entire family had perished. Her world had changed forever, life as she knew it would never be the same again. Four souls had sacrificed their bodies for Aryana’s soul to evolve exponentially.

From a spiritual perspective, an early death is a catalyst to awaken spiritual gifts in people they leave behind. From a karmic perspective, an early death is a blessing, souls don’t always need to be on Earth for 80 years to fulfil their life purpose. The soul has already completed all the karma they can in this lifetime, in this body.

People that die young are an evolved or old soul, they have touched several lives, they were a source of inspiration. If they made so much of a difference to others whilst they were in physical body, think of how powerful their work would be after death, when they are pure white light, when they have infinite power.

An early death is the end of one karmic cycle and an upgrade to the next karmic cycle. A premature death is the fastest, quickest way for a soul to grow and make the biggest difference they ever wanted to make in this life, in the lives of the people they love. They become spirit guides for the living.

Paramhansa Yogananda, was asked why good people died young. His reply: “It may be that the ‘good’ souls had worked out much of their karma in past lives. Perhaps they came into the present life to work out some last bit of karma that was holding them back.”

Another reason souls transition early is the desire to make a difference in the lives of others. All humans have this innate desire. The primary life purpose of every soul is to evolve and to help other souls evolve. The desire and drive to make a difference in people’s lives is much stronger in some than in others. 

A soul in a physical body faces several obstacles in achieving their dreams. In death there are no physical obstacles, only infinite possibilities to make a difference in people’s lives, in the world and in seeing their dreams come to fruition, through other people’s physical bodies. A soul can make a much bigger difference in Spirit.

Parents who have lost a child ask “why me?” There is no single answer to that but one of the reasons could be that before incarnating on Earth you and your child made a soul contract. You agreed to be a parent to your child in this brief earthly experience, so you and your child could grow and serve others. 

A question parents often ask “Did he suffer before passing?” Clairvoyants who have seen souls transitioning say consciousness detaches when death is imminent. So pain and fear may not have registered.

A person who loses their physical body becomes a free soul. They can visit family and friends, whisper advice in their ear. They can stand in the aura of loved ones and transfer claircognizant thoughts or images and memories to them.

You don’t heed the advice of a living person but when you get a message from the spirit world you act upon it. A soul can be in multiple places at once, they can be with their entire family, in different parts of the world, at the same time.

When death is sudden, traumatic or unexpected; there is chaos, for both the departing soul and the family. Your soul is suddenly no longer confined to a human body, it becomes a whizzing, vibrating ball of energy that you always were. Your thoughts and intentions take you to places and people in a flash, in a way that you couldn’t when you were in a physical body. This shift can cause confusion and sometimes shock.

A sudden death or death of your child is an extremely difficult and trying time in your life. But any adversity is a moment of choice. You are born with all the tools you need to handle all the challenges you will face in your life. What dosen’t kill you makes you stronger. It is not about surviving loss, it is about thriving!!!

I would not have been a seeker if it wasn’t for the untimely demise of my parents. My life has been beautifully decorated with grief, loss, sadness, illness and depression. I would not be writing this blog if my life was filled with joy and happiness. Pain is necessary for spiritual growth. Aryana would not have evolved into being a beacon of light to help so many people struggling to cope with the loss of a loved one. If you are devastated by the sudden loss of your child, remember they sacrificed for your spiritual awakening. Allow their death to trigger a spiritually transformative experience (STE).

This post is dedicated to a friend who has tragically lost their 17 year old child, their only son. They sent out an email that they don’t want calls, messages, emails or visits, no condolences or prayer meeting will be held. They want to grieve in silence.