Food and spirituality connection

We no longer intuitively know what to eat. Human beings are the only species on Earth that have this problem. There isn’t a single animal living in the wild that is overweight. They intuitively know what to eat and their innate intelligence tells them when to eat.

We eat on auto pilot. Working lunch is convenience food quickly gobbled whilst multi tasking and dinner is again convenience food eaten in front of a television. We are not mindful about eating the right food to nourish our mind, body and soul.

Food is a profound doorway into spiritual growth, it can transform your life. The way you live and your lifestyle has to be continually evolving and awakening you to higher consciousness, awareness and mindfulness. Life changes when you upgrade the way you nourish your body.


Most spiritual people, irrespective of their faith or religion, say a prayer before eating their food in silence. I give thanks and energise my food with that particular colour of whichever chakra I want to activate or just brilliant white light. I also talk to my food and water. It is an ancient technique of talking to cells in your food, the entire practice actually starts at the time of harvest.

Every food you eat has a spiritual and energetic effect on your body, mind and spirit. Fresh organic, raw vegetables & fruits give you a boost of high life force energy which elevates your vibrational frequency. All foods carry frequency-based messages, you will have thoughts and emotions corresponding to the frequency of foods you consume.

Your body is a miracle, every cell in your body contains all the wisdom of consciousness. You can access this abundance of wisdom and empower your body to live in a state of inherent perfection. You can strengthen a particular chakra by eating spiritual foods and supplements that are energetically associated with it.

When you eat artificially processed foods with chemicals and preservatives it lowers your vibration, making it difficult to transcend into higher levels of meditation.

Neocortex is that part of the brain where enlightenment can be received. It facilitates creativity, learning, imagining your future, experiencing interconnectedness and unconditional love, see beauty and dive into deeper states of meditation. The pineal gland in your neocortex secretes DMT, the spirit molecule that helps you have dreams, visions, out of body experiences and psychedelic experiences after consuming ayahuasca. If your neocortex dosen’t get the nourishment it needs, you will operate from your reptilian or lambic brain.

Reptilian brain or primal brain is in charge of self preservation, survival and primitive drives like thirst, hunger, sexuality and our most basic autonomic functions, such as breathing, body temperature, heart rate and fight/flight response.

Limbic brain is our emotional brain. Hypothalamus, a part of limbic brain regulates 4 Fs: Fear, Feeding, Fighting and Fornicating. Processed food, sugar, alcohol activate this area of the brain. This is where dopamine is released. Mood swings, aggression, addictions, habits, obsessions, emotional upheavals occur here. Neocortex shuts down during stress and limbic brain takes over. You want to predominantly operate from your neocortex.

This is where you can have Meditative and transcendental experiences. Natural fats are crucial nutrients to nourish your neocortex and nervous systems. Every nerve in our body is insulated with a substance called myelin, which is constructed from the fats in your diet.

I will not write a long list of spirituality enhancing foods because it has to come from within. Be mindful of nourishing your body with nutrient dense foods if you want to live in a heightened state of existence.

You have a strong inner compass, tune into it and start living life more consciously. You are what you eat so if you’re going to chug a can of soda, eat a burger with an extra side of fries you how how your meditation is going to be.

I have a simple rule, I don’t eat anything my great grandmother wouldn’t have eaten. I try to eat whole foods as close to their natural state as possible, this dramatically increases my life-force energy, mental focus and clarity. It also helps my body function with far less effort, my sleep and circadian rhythms have balanced out. I fast for 24 hours every 15 days to removes toxins and detox.

My diet is packed with healthy fat and high quality protein, they are the building blocks of your body. I eat fatty fish, oysters, eggs, coconut & coconut oil. I drink 4.5 litres of alkaline water everyday. The body needs that much for peak performance.

Magnesium is absolutely essential for the nervous system. I eat Magnesium rich green leafy vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouts, seaweed, legumes and fruits.

I eat a lot of pure cacao, not chocolate. Cacao is the only food known to mankind that connects the left brain and right brain. It also decalcifies the pineal gland. I snack on cookies of cacao, nuts and seeds.

I don’t consume aerated drinks, refined sugar/salt, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, junk food, alcohol or caffeine. These food and lifestyle habits are not connected to my spiritual endeavours, they are since I was a child. I didn’t have a chocolates and chips childhood.

People are extremely surprised that I eat meat. Several of my spiritual teachers eat meat too. There is no connection between the path of enlightenment and vegetarianism. Are Native Americans or Aboriginal elders less spiritual because they eat animals? Vegetarians are in no way superior. Hitler was vegetarian and I presume that was rather rare in Germany in 1930’s. He looked at peoples plates and said “You have murdered a soul”.

His Holiness, Dalai Lama, one of the most prolific spiritual leaders in the world and also leader of Tibetan Buddhism eats meat once or twice a week.

I don’t consume dairy because it has an extremely strong energy of grief, pain, loss. Women trying to conceive should stop drinking milk, it’s symbolic of a mother losing her baby and constantly pining. I enjoy pork but rarely eat it because it has extremely dirty, gross energy. It clogs my chakras and makes my energy stagnate. I’m unable to manifest and the quality of my visions become poor. I gave up beef solely for environmental reasons.

If you are a spiritual seeker you don’t have to live the life of a monk. This is the biggest myth I have heard.

Your metabolic rate affects your spirituality. Most people watch their calorie intake but your body requires nutrient dense food in its purest, most natural form. Nutritious food is high calorie.

Your cells are incredibly intelligent, every cell in your body contains consciousness. Your body is a self-correcting organism that can heal and cleanse itself.

Toxins, preservatives, chemicals accumulate in your body and disrupt metabolic processes and your endocrine system. Your ability to think, focus and concentrate is dulled. Poor energy makes your entire system sluggish.

When your metabolism is firing in its peak state, your cells thrive, your mind, body and soul perform miraculously and without effort. Your brain is functioning at its optimum, your hormones are balanced, your energy is high, your body is able to rid itself of waste. Your physical state is in peak performance!