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Equestrians are Natural Leaders

Equestrians are Natural Leaders
Equestrians are natural leaders

I have a birthmark on my back. For years I tried laser and several other treatments to erase the birthmark but it just wouldn’t go. When I was shooting for a Bollywood movie or Modeling my makeup artist would take an hour to painstakingly camouflage the mark. When I quit showbiz I forgot about it.

I was doing a Past Life Regression session with a gifted teacher I had just met. At the beginning of the session she told me if you have any birthmarks you will discover that it comes from an injury in a past life.

Location is Eastern Europe/Asia which is today modern day Turkey. I’m tall with long dark hair. I have a strong, powerful build. My hair is in a French braid. It’s incredible how similar I look in every lifetime, this is to make it easier for soulmates to recognise each other.

There are tents everywhere, I’m charging in and out of tents giving orders to my soldiers. I tell them this is a war like no other – Go Big or Go Home. In my current lifetime I say this all the time to people. I believe this is the only way to live. I’m more man than woman in my head and I presumed that comes from childhood trauma of being an unwanted girl child. I have realised that comes from other lifetimes.

I gather my army, jump onto my huge dark grey horse and charge ahead. I’m in dark grey armour. Thundering hooves, riding hard towards the enemy. I am a fierce, formidable force. I’m a one man army with an aggressive army to back me. When we see the army I charge forward screaming ‘Prepare to Die’. 

As I’m about to attack I feel an arrow piercing my back. I look down and see blood pouring down. I have been shot in my back. The birthmark I have is where the arrow pierced me. I was shot by my own trusted General. Everything is suddenly a blur, I can feel life leaving my body. I crash to the ground with a sickening thud. The enemy knew their only chance of winning this battle was by taking me out. I was stabbed in the back by my own. This will never leave me, it will haunt me in every lifetime. I have had trust issues since I was a child. I like people, I’m a peoples person. I want to trust people but I am unable to.

“Each Betrayal begins with Trust” – Martin Luther King 

The soul never dies, it only takes on new forms. All your experiences, in all lifetimes are stored at the subconscious cellular level. In a regression you re-visit traumatic events in a lifetime so you can understand why and how they have such a profound impact on your current lifetime. 

After this PLR session I understand why I’m always ‘watching my back’. I don’t trust anyone because I have always been stabbed in the back by family and close friends, a cycle that keeps repeating. As they say “The Enemy can’t be outside”. Strangers are rarely in a position to harm you. It’s the ones closest to you that have the power to hurt you. Betrayal is always an inside job.

Some of my proudest moments have been with a horse. My happiest and saddest moments have been with a horse. Horses have taught me the very essence of friendship, trust, loyalty, empathy, respect, confidence, responsibility. They gave me pure unbridled joy. They taught me compassion, they made me a better person. I started waking up at 5am because of horses. They taught me discipline and dedication.

My close bond with horses lifetime after lifetime have shaped my personality and made me the person that I am today. When your partner is a 1000kg animal with a mind, body and soul of its own you have no choice but to become a relentless, determined, dedicated and disciplined individual.

Studies prove that equestrians are natural leaders. There is a scientific reason Equestrian sports is compulsory in Military and Police force. If you can persuade a 1000kg living being with a mind of its own to listen to you, respect you and accept you as their leader; leadership will be you, not something you do.

Dogs, cows, horses and other pack animals didn’t need an MBA to learn how to lead. Horse training isn’t about the horse, it’s about your leadership. I learnt my most important Life Lessons from horses

• Communication

It is not about what we say but how we say it. Effective Communication is an important factor in successful teamwork. Horses don’t speak with words, they use body language and energy to communicate, the Confidence with which we lead, our body language, attitude and tone of voice are critical to command a horse. We learn to control our negative emotions like frustration, anger, fear because those only aggravate a horse more. They teach us to be clear, consistent and confident in our communication because if you give mixed messages a horse dosen’t respond favourably.

• Look where you want to go

This is the first lesson I learnt in horse riding, where you look is where you will go. If you are unsure of where exactly you want to go, are looking here and there that’s where you will end up-nowhere. Have a well-defined vision of where exactly you want to go and the horse will go there. Life is similar-you need to have a clear vision and people will follow your lead. Your goals can’t waver, work ethics can never falter.

• Humility

Horses are strong, sensitive beings, each with their own unique personality, just like humans. If you want to work with a horse, you have to get to know him, then be flexible. People are similar to horses. You have to learn to be humble to connect with different people. People are key to the success of any business.

• Sense and respond

Understanding when to give a reward or punishment is vital to successful handling of a horse and people. Excessive use of punishment causes conflict and poorly timed rewards are meaningless. You have to remain focused and calm, yet alert and attentive to body language, signals at all times; and respond quickly to different reactions of the horse. Horses are a great teacher because they mirror feelings, body language and emotions back to the human. We learn to be more attentive to verbal and non verbal signals, we sense how the other person is receiving what we say and then respond accordingly. This is key to being able to persuade people to do what you want

• Patience, Persistence, Perseverance

Horses teach us there are no shortcuts to success. To be successful we have to be patient, invest time and be dedicated to the process. Practice makes perfect. We have to set goals and persistently work toward them. Equestrians have to practice leadership every single day, there is no Sunday for leading a horse. It’s a way of life, it becomes a part of you. The passion of an equestrian is unrivalled. they just cannot be stopped. They don’t give up if they fail, they persevere!

• Courage and Bravery

Young entrepreneurs have forgotten what it takes to be successful. Horses teach you to be brave, listen to your gut, and take a giant leap of faith. Horses are forgiving animals. If you make mistakes they give you another chance, and so will life, if you’re brave enough to try.

The courage of an equestrian can never be doubted, they fall 6 feet from a horse galloping at 50kmph, dust themselves off and getting back in the saddle. They face every challenge with grace and poise.

• Equality

Equestrian & Sailing are the only Olympic sports in which men and women compete directly against each other. Horse girls are independent, driven, courageous, brave, take responsibility and fight for what they want. They challenge gender stereotypes in their careers by taking on male-dominated leadership positions.

Equestrians know that gender, age, background or wealth have nothing to do with success in sports or life. Most equestrian world champions are stable grooms from humble backgrounds.

What matters is hard work, dedication, discipline, determination, teamwork, communication, patience and humility. Do you have the strength, independence and the ability to make fast decisions? Can you be Fierce yet kind? Are you a force to reckon with? Success is not something that you achieve, it is YOU!