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TiW is my lockdown baby. She was conceptualised and executed in a record 2 weeks.

Stories have the power to connect, reassure and give hope; that’s why I share mine with you. The past 10 years of my life has been a spiritual adventure, I have travelled the world learning and researching ancient spiritual practices and various forms of esoteric healing.

Studying Vedas has given me the wisdom to strive for perfection in everything I do.  I had the opportunity of being trained under several Powerful Spiritual Gurus and healers in remote parts of the world. I use my knowledge of Usui Reiki, Chakra Healing, Pranic Healing and Crystal Therapy to heal Earth. If she thrives, we thrive!

Supernormal powers can be attained through study and practice. We can all become a Buddha. In my pursuit of enlightenment and powerful transformation I have studied Telekinesis, Levitation, Clairvoyance, ESP, Thought and Energy Projection, NLP, Time travel, Astral Travel and Past Life Regression.

My deep love for animals and sense of oneness with them, led me to study under world renowned animal communicators Maia Kincaid and Sharon Loy in America as well as train & study under Carol Gurney, the pioneer of animal communication.

In TiW I hope to impact lives, inspire and motivate you to shift your energy to live your best life! In this moment of isolation I give you information that will raise your collective consciousness and vibrational frequency to better deal with these challenging times. I bring you light to move to higher planes where you can easily manifest the life of your dreams.

Love and Gratitude,
Bhairavi Goswami


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Bhairavi Goswami is an Indian born actress of mixed race – Creole mother and Indian father.
She has won several beauty pageants, walked the ramp for top designers, graced the covers of global magazines and has been featured in TIME, Newsweek, Telerama, Courier International & Paris Match. After 10 hugely successful theatre plays, modeling for prestigious advertising campaigns and 8 Bollywood films, including the blockbuster hit film ‘Bheja Fry’, superhit movie ‘My Friend Ganesha2’ and ‘Kamasutra’, Bhairavi quit Bollywood to work with special needs children, animals and on several environmental causes.

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